J. D. Keith & Associates, LLC (JDK) is a financial services firm that employs the complete core set of financial planning disciplines for enabling our clients to attain their goals, objectives, visions, and dreams. We serve clients principally in Northern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania, but we welcome clients from anywhere who seek our services. We produce solutions to a wide range of financial issues from basic to complex. Our products include financial and tax plans, estate plans, charitable giving plans, and many other solutions. The solutions we produce span our clients' lifetimes as well as the generations that will follow.  We are always excited about discussing your visions and dreams as well as your goals and objectives. And, we'll work with you to find the best paths for attaining them. JDK offers the advisory services described below mainly to individuals and their families. In some instances, if requested, JDK provides these same services to trusts, estates, charitable organizations, and business entities (including small businesses and corporations).


JDK provides advice to clients in the form of financial plans and prepares Federal, State, and Local (where applicable) income tax returns. When a financial plan is prepared, the client will receive a written document that provides information about how the client's goals and objectives will be achieved. The financial plan may cover any or all of the following topics:

FINANCIAL PLANNING BASICS - budgeting, cash flow, financial record keeping, key documents, etc.  

RISK MANAGEMENT - use of insurance and risk management techniques that may be relevant.  

INVESTMENTS - analysis of current investments and recommended investments for achieving financial goals and objectives. 

TAX PLANNING - analysis of recent tax returns and recommendations for legally minimizing future taxes. Also, if appropriate, recommendations for amended prior year returns.  

RETIREMENT PLANNING - use of projections to determine estimates of expected retirement assets and income.  

ESTATE PLANNING - making of provisions for dependents and survivors in the event of disability or death.  JDK discusses these topics with clients and uses client-provided information and data to determine the recommendations that are developed. Topics included are current status and preparedness, goals and objectives, and risk tolerance.  

JDK identifies the need for other specialized practitioners, where necessary, including attorneys, insurance agents, accountants, tax return preparers, brokers, etc. Clients are directed to utilize their own practitioners, and JDK does not accept any referral fees with regard to practitioners that a client may select. JDK operates on a fee-only basis and does not offer products or services that would compensate JDK with commissions.


JDK offers clients the service of tax return preparation on a fee basis. Fees are based on the number of hours of tax return preparation. These fees are negotiable.


JDK offers advice to clients (individuals and their families, trusts, estates, charitable organizations, and business entities) on specific financial and/or investment topics, if requested. Fees are charged for consultations and analyses on an hourly basis. For clients who utilize JDK's other services, no hourly fees are charged if a special topic can be analyzed and discussed on an incidental, limited basis. Recommendations for any products or services are not constrained or limited to any particular providers of these products or services, and JDK accepts no referral fees or commissions for any of these products or services that may be selected by the client. JDK also provides financial consulting services to businesses and non-profit organizations for an hourly fee. The hourly fee is negotiable.