Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At J.D. Keith & Associates, LLC we are committed to protecting all personal and financial information provided to us by present, former and future clients.     

Our Pledge  We promise to respect and protect all information you provide to our company.  We appreciate your faith in us and consider it a privilege to have you as our client.  J.D. Keith & Associates, LLC will safeguard your personal and financial information and our processes for collecting and storing your information will be controlled and monitored on a continuing basis.    

What We Collect We collect information to help us provide the best possible service to our clients.  Information includes, but is not limited to: Name, address, social security number, past tax returns, income, assets, debt, documents pertaining to estate planning, insurance, and liabilities.   

How We Collect Information Information is collected through questionnaires, interviews, e-mail, forms to third parties, financial and bank records.   

Data Protection Measures We will never sell your information.  We will not share your information with anyone outside of J.D. Keith & Associates, LLC.  All personal information provided to J.D. Keith & Associates, LLC will be accessible to employees and associates of J.D. Keith & Associates, LLC on a need to know basis in order to serve you efficiently.   

Updating Personal Information We encourage our clients to review and update personal information on a regular basis  so we can serve you most effectively.  If you have any questions regarding your personal information or our Privacy Policy, please contact J.D. Keith & Associates, LLC at 908-204-1940.