About JD Keith & Associates, LLC

As financial planners, we work with you and our other clients by starting with goals and objectives. But, we don’t end the dialogue there. We also want to know about your visions and dreams. 


Usually, goals and objectives relate to the financial planning issues of providing college educations for your children and grandchildren, keeping enough liquid assets for emergencies, protecting your assets, providing help to aging parents, reaching and enjoying a well-funded retirement, and taking care of health needs, both short-term and long-term. 


But, what about visions and dreams that go beyond these goals and objectives? We’ve heard enough about our clients’ visions and dreams to know they have wonderful ideas about owning a second home in a fun location, starting a small business that will grow over time, investing in land or income-producing properties, taking vacations in special places, writing a best-seller, or donating to worthwhile causes and charities. Maybe you have your own unique visions and dreams and the desire to succeed in achieving them.  


We are always excited about discussing your visions and dreams as well as your goals and objectives. And, we’ll work with you to find the best paths for attaining them.